The messenger of autumn

Massimo Sannelli

Quattro testi inediti
(Four inedited poems)

Traduzione di Adeodato Piazza Nicolai


All is good and becomes a forest
of March cells, now it’s April:
it seems a denser flux, a lighter mud. Picasso
dies, soon reappear tiny fingers; on April 22 the italian
teacher writes: “I have a sensation of tiredness and guilt”;
on September 26 dies Anna, ANNA MAGNANI; on November 13
Maderna dies. November is a month made to measure:
the instrument of Chamberlen
is art taking away my fragility from the beauty
of the round belly that is vain.




Langsamer Satz für Streichquartett, Sunday
morning, November. Maybe the lady of hearts is away.
Maybe here is the queen of very soft drugs? Sunday is

the Pietà herself. And you ask with your tongue. And with your back
you hold up gravity or God’s name, alive.




To search again is when the happy ending
delays strong and slow in the box
of the house, and now it is our home. In the clear
box I see who is NOT there anymore,
the one who does NOT remain inside the mouth
and will NOT be the mouth and a fine

madness can enter in such a distorted




Take me to Shubert or in the woods.
I hate the game but the game does not exist. Neither a question;

nor an answer whatsoever. Neither root nor tree.
Once there was a child: he was some kind of swallow,
he was sick: he looked and said: “all is finished, even the stones”.
The order continues: it will push friends and enemy
inside a very white picture, in a net

of air; he will say: “you exist no more” – and beneath hey become
breaths and spores, verses, not light, feathers.


© 2017 English translation by Adeodato Piazza Nicolai of
Four inedited poems by Massimo Sannelli.
All Rights Reserved.



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