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Jnterview is a real (video) interview.
Here Silvia wants Massimo to answer to her questions and to pay attention to the dramatic event of his double transition (he was raised with another religion and his own identity is openly nonbinary: his condition is not fictional, but is real; this means that he doesn’t talk as a character or a public person).
The body speaks by itself: like the circumcision that is (in the performer’s opinion) an opportunity to shed his blood like every female in her menstruations. The rain upon the tombstones and the performer is the counterpart of this blood. This bodily condition helped him to have a stronger consciousness of his nonbinary status. That’s why the transition of this person is double.
A very important task for Jews and Jewish communities is the comprehension of people with uncomplete Jewish roots, unusual lifestyles (but they don’t consider themselves as sinners) and nomadic mentalities. On the other hand, a nonbinary guy must pay respect to the different opinions about his condition. Orthodoxy and unusuality may coexist and talk.